Maciej Matwiejczuk

Maciej Matwiejczuk is an Economist from the Warsaw School of Economics with a MBA. He has licences for both Brokerage and Estate Management in respect of commercial property. Previously he was the chief financial offcer in a number of international companies. For over 7 years he was the financial director of a British owned Investment Comapny who acquired a number of commercial properties across Poland having worked as the financial director at the LIM Joint Venture Ltd – Marriott hotel. He aslo specialises in advising on commecrial investment and financing from the asset management side.

Maciej Matwiejczuk is a member of the Board.

Paweł Urbański

Paweł Urbański is an Economist. He has a licence for both Brokerage and Estate Management on respect of commercial property. He initially worked at Colliers, followed by acting as a broker for Henry Butcher and then a boutique Warsaw commercial agent specialising in the Commercial sector. He then joined a British based Investment Company where he was involved in the acquisition, letting and asset management of a portfolio of Commercial properties across Poland.

Paweł Urbański is a member of the Board.

Jan Chudzynski

A British born real estate appraiser having worked initially in both the commercial and residential sectors in London and finally as a partner of a well established company in Westminister London. He then became a partner of Gerald Eve in Poland working in the commercial sector for various well known international companies such as Pizza Hut/KFC, Pepsico, Carefour, Tesco, etc. He then became Managing director of a British based industrial developer and acquired some 120 Ha of land in Mszczonów building out a number of large warehouses. He then joined a small British group who acquired some 120 Ha industrial land in Piotrków and again built a number of large warehouses. He then became Managing director of a British investment group who acquired a portfolio of commercial properties across Poland. Now in semi-retirement he works as a consultant of PUMM.

Jan Chudzynski is a consultant of PUMM